5 Signs Your Rug Needs to Be Cleaned

Rugs are an essential piece of functional decor. They can help pull a room together, have soundproofing capabilities, and instantly provide a more comfortable atmosphere. According to Statista, 79% of homes nationwide have at least one rug. Rugs usually need to be cleaned annually or bi-annually, but cleaning a rug too often can cause significant damage. Instead, watch for these signs to know when your rug needs to be cleaned.

1. Visible Stains

The most obvious sign that it's time for local area rug cleanings is seeing visible stains and spills. Often these stains can't be removed with a quick vacuuming. Scrubbing the rug can cause significant damage to the delicate fibers. Professional cleaning companies use innovative techniques to ensure your rug is beautiful and stain-free when they're done with it.

2. Consistent Odor

Dirt, dust, and grime have a particular odor. As they slowly accumulate, the musty smell will get worse. This consistent odor indicates that it's time to clean your rug. If you procrastinate, then it can lead to poor air quality as the smell worsens. Bacteria and allergens can also give people living in the house respiratory symptoms.

3. Allergy Symptoms

Respiratory symptoms are another common sign that your rug requires services from a company that specializes in local area rug cleanings. Carpet and rug fibers trap dust and allergens. Then, as people walk over them, those allergens are released back into the air, which results in people breathing them in. That's why people with allergies will notice their symptoms getting worse.

4. Flatter Surface

Rug fibers are resistant to compression to an extent. They often bounce back as soon as you walk over them, ensuring your gorgeous rug looks light and fluffy. However, as dirt accumulates, it weighs down the fibers. They won't spring back up after walking on them. Instead, your area rug will appear flatter than it usually does, especially in high-traffic areas.

5. Dull Colors

Bright and vibrant rugs often appear dull when they need to be cleaned. This is because the dirt and dust over the rug can slowly cover the once vibrant colors. White rugs may appear beige or grey instead of snow-white.

These are the signs that you need to call a company that specializes in lo

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